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Tamechactee: Arrow Soul


A teenage boy in the mountains of North Carolina desires to get out of the “cycle” of a dysfunctional home and school life. Finally successful in breaking free, he quickly discovers that destiny has a plan for him and greatness is an understatement. An ancient legend passed down through a Native American tribe tells of one who will emerge as a great leader and even a “savior,” just in time before the world faces a major cataclysmic event. Taught to shoot a bow and arrow, the boy demonstrates incredible skill during his first lesson. Could he be the Tamechactee? Read more

About Joseph M. Landing, Jr.

Joseph Murphy Landing, Jr. is seventeen years old and a senior at Wando High School in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. He began his writing career at the age of thirteen, announcing to his parents that he was “starting his first novel.” Tamechactee - Arrow Soul was published and released when Joseph was just 15 years of age. Joseph was born in Greensboro, North Carolina. From a very young age he loved books, having them read to him by his parents or older sister, and when he was barely in kindergarten reading on his own. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

There in the distance, crossing the vineyards and taking the hill slowly down, five Juggernauts fanned out in military fashion. Read more

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