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Tamechactee: Battle for Humanity


In this sequel to Tamechactee – Arrow Soul, the world as we know it has been transformed by a sinister being known only as The Maker, and it is up to the Freedom Army under the direction of Marcus Riehl to save Humanity from imminent destruction. The Maker has done everything possible to weaken his enemy, including trying to turn Marcus, the Tamechactee, against his own people. Set in various parts of France including the central valley, the southeastern region near the foot of the Alps, and Normandy, Tamechactee – Battle for Humanity tells the story of the Humans’ and their allies the Lycans’ struggle for survival in the face of nearly unimaginable odds.
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About Joseph M. Landing, Jr.

Joseph Murphy Landing, Jr. is seventeen years old and a senior at Wando High School in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. He began his writing career at the age of thirteen, announcing to his parents that he was “starting his first novel.” By the time Joseph was just fifteen years old, his novel, Tamechactee – Arrow Soul was published. His debut novel was well-received, garnering a five star review from Reader’s Favorite, an online book service company. Read more


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It was silent as the snow fell slowly to the ground. In the distance lay the start of the French Alps... Read more

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